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Trexi - AquaBite

Trexi from Playimaginative.

Acrylic paint for base and design. Thin black marker was used for some minor outlines. A pair of stick on eyes were glued on the 'ear' area. Finished with clear spray paint.

Trexi - Stich

Trexi from PlayImaginative.

White Acrylic paint as base. Black Acrylic paint was used for big areas with the help of cut out templates. Black fine maker helped on outlines and thin areas. Finished with clear spray paint.

Seismic Ace - Guard of Golden Temple

Seismic Ace Pilot Mini Figure Head from SmashTokyo , Body from MegaBloks.

Gold metallic paint marker as base. Black was painting was used to highlight the details for the toy.

Trexi - 1st

Trexi from PlayImaginative.

Black Acrylic paint as base. Silver metallic marker was used for the design. Finished with clear spray paint.

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