About The Creator

Tan HongXiang ( AKA Zakane ) - Having created over 60 original designs and more than 20 customs pieces for various artist, this passion for paper art has propelled Zakane to the next level. A designer in his own sense, his work has been showcased in a couple of exhibitions, and more yet to come. His craft had evolved from the humble beginnings of being a pixel art artist, which is a style he still retains while creating original characters. But really, why he came to choose this art form is really due to the fact that real toys are too expensive and it was the cheaper (cheapest) alternative. DESPITE THAT, he is still true to the art!

On the sides, Zakane collects special edition toys (when he has spare cash) as a hobby, attempting to fill a cabinet, which also includes his other paper original characters, and obviously, its not hard to guess which is in bigger quantity. That is unless his mom decides to clear the cabinet out.

Aside that, he also enjoys mind challenging exercise, building things from scratch or creating them from nothing. That of course owes it to his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, which he had spent a good 3 years of (torture) receiving a knowledgeable education. Mostly, he likes things funny and funky, light hearted approach to things and directs his design ideals towards a rather to the point motto - be simple, yet effective.

If you like his style of designing and would like him to do a custom or collaboration, just drop him an Email at tanhongxiang_thx[at]hotmail.com

About The Site

This site is meant to be a platform for Zakane to share his creations of paper collectables. All the collectables here are free for download so take your time and enjoy the fun of building your own paper collectables. :)

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