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CUTTING - Slanted lines are staggered but cut them as straight lines. Use a paper cutter to cut the white lines ( They are used as slots ).

PRINTING - Right click on the picture and click 'Save Picture As' to save it. Use Windows Image and Fax Viewer to view it and click on the print icon. Click next on the "Welcome to print..." screen. make sure the design is checked and hit "Next". Choose your printer and click "Next". Make sure "Centered and rotated to fit" is selected and click "Next." *Copied from Cubee*


Click on the image to download them


Click on the picture to download them !

Female / Male(Bad) / Male(Good)

Myself (Zakane)(edited)  / ZX (edited)

Santa is available on the month of Chirstmas only!



Stripe Out My World

NaniBird from
SpeakerDog from
Twich from
Cubee from

JustMan from
Little Box from
Calling All Cars from
If you would like me to custom your template for this series, please sent your template to


A toy where you can crush and Crush and CRUSH !

Check out a video of it HERE !

Download Here !


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B'Day Kid is given out personally for special friends only.


Finally a papertoy that has some use to it. You can use it to store small things like coins and paperclips in it.

PU55  /  T0RT / B1TT 


Collaborations / Customs



Glue is needed for the box but not for the character.

'NOT' Series

Drunk , Drunk Box

Funny , Funny Box

Scary , Scary Box

Back of the box ( Same for all PixelLiar boxes )


I used IronMan as my first charactor for my 'JustMan'. ( It may take some time to load ). Click HERE !